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I Was 530 Pounds and Morbidly Obese

I went without food for 150 days and changed my life

My passion for helping people lose weight started from my own journey to lose weight. I was 530 lbs, and a new dad. One day, my infant son was crawling into a dangerous situation, and it took a herculean effort to lift my morbidly obese butt off the couch and stop him. I felt ashamed and defeated. My little future was in danger because I was too fat. Then my mind wandered, what if I had a heart attack while I’m carrying him and fall dead on top of him, killing him too? Or what if I had a stroke, and he had to stay safe until his mother got home? I decided that day that I was done with being morbidly obese.

Besides presenting a danger to my son, at that weight, the odds were that may not have even lived long enough to see him go to kindergarten, and in this crazy world, I needed to be in his life. I began researching ways to lose weight, I stumbled on to fasting, and learned all I could. I went on a 3 week Intermittent fasting regimen with a 4 hour eating window to get my mind and body ready for what I planned to be a 30 days fast. I ended up fasting for 150 days, and started a YouTube channel as well. As the weight kept coming off, I knew I couldn’t fast forever, so I studied, I trained, I tested and refined various fasting techniques and slowly but surely completely reset my appetite and caused a complete paradigm shift with my relationship to food and my health. As it did, I realized so many more of my subscribers were struggling with their weight too, and I wanted to use my experience to serve them. But experience wasn’t enough – I needed expertise.

So I enrolled in training and became a certified fasting coach. I now help people just like you overcome weight issues and reveal the solutions to help them become focused and disciplined when it comes to reclaiming their health. Creating the best you, the healthier you, the energetic you, the happy you, is possible and it would be an honor to help show you the way.

Take Control of Your Health Through Fasting

Fasting is not a diet. It's a way of not eating, if you're doing a full fast, or eating, if you're doing Intermittent Fasting. When it comes to it, it's basically cycling periods of mini-fasts and eating.

Let me give you 3 solid reasons why you should try some form of fasting in the first place. But before that let me explain the difference between prolonged/extended fasting and intermittent fasting. Prolonged fasting can easily be abstaining from food for few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. Prolonged fasts can be water fast or juice fasts. Intermittent Fasting is mini-fasts that do not last for longer than 24 hours.

Why try any fasting in the first place? You may be someone who is trying to lose weight or perhaps, you have digestive stress, inflammation and probably low energy levels, and want to know if fasting can help. Human beings can only be in one of the following states: Fed or Fasted. The problem in today’s modern world is that we are in the fed state most of the time. Unlike thousands of years ago when food was scarce, today we live in a world where food is in overabundance. Unfortunately, this may not be true for millions of people around the world mostly in the third world countries, but the matter of fact is that we are facing an obesity and starvation epidemics simultaneously. But for most of you reading this right now, there is overabundance and food is literally available the moment you think about it.

Do you ever wonder why, certain myths like “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and why “one should eat 5-6 smaller meals a day” and so forth are believed to be true? Because these theories are propagated by the food companies who spend billions of dollars every year in advertising their processed foods to us. More than 60% of calories in America comes from processed foods, and the food industry produces enough food to supply every American citizen with 4000 calories per day! Do you ever wonder, how anyone can make money by telling people to fast or eat less? You get the point, right?

Genetically, we are designed to be in fed and fasted state almost equally and that’s why we can go long periods without eating at all, or do short fasts like it everyday. Our bodies can easily remain in the fasted state for long periods of time or intermittent periods of time. I went 150 Days with no food at all, I also did an Intermittent Fasting regimen with a 4 hour eating windows, and eventually an OMAD regimen with A 2 hour eating windows. I even did a second extended fast for 72 days full fast. I am the authority on how to fast, and can guide you through the experience. You will learn that you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight, build muscle and optimize your health. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe it is. Find out for yourself.

You Will Become Smarter

Fasting can improve cognitive function, stimulating faster learning and better memory

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